How are Items Packaged?: Purchases are shipped in discrete packaging with a return address of "The Broman Group, PO Box 8052, Laguna Hills, CA 92654. There is nothing on the packaging to indicate Akira Lane nor adult related content. Photos are shipped in 9 by 12 envelopes with stiffener to prevent damage.

Who is Akira Lane?: Akira Lane has been an internet model and adult related actress for over 10 years. She specializes in sensuality along with bondage and her unofficial title of the "Pantyhose Queen." Her bio reads:

On the magical day of June 9th (some decades ago), I was given birth from a beautiful Okinawan lady with a heart of pure gold and a personality that could light up the entire room. Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I attended American schools on the breathtaking Pacific isles of Okinawa, Japan.As the only child to an extra ordinary Okinawan mother and a proud Hawaiian daddy, I was raised with the traditional Okinawan/Japanese heritage and beliefs as well as the westernized American values. I was taught both Japanese and English languages (or Japanglish) and was the rambunctious ruler of my neighborhood gang. I guess the only concerns my parents had were whether I would grow up to be a menace to the society or an elegant young lady. Neither! I have an adventurous heart and passion for music, love and of course MEN (come on ladies fess up). At age 18, I packed my bags and flew 10,000 long miles to Norfolk, Virginia where I attended Old Dominion University. Then one exciting visit to sunny California during spring break, I fell absolutely in love with the warm climate, the ocean breeze and the friendly people of San Diego - it reminded me of home. That same summer, I packed my bags up again and moved (adventurous heart) to the left coast. After a year of attending junior college and working full time at a local plastic distributor, San Diego State University finally accepted my transfer scripts. After couple of years of fraternity and sorority parties, exams, thesis nd philanthropic events, I received my B.A. degree in International Business. About ten years ago, I decided that I was tired of selling financial programs to cheesy automobile dealerships and repossessing cars, I decided to pack of my bags again and moved northward to Orange County. Here, I quickly climbed the corporate ladder of the hi-tech computer industry. Then one day (as some of you may know), I was dared after couple of shots of tequila to post my image on the web forum ... the rest is history. I then worked in computer application sales for a number of years and modeled in my spare time. Since then, I have open additional sites and modeling and adult content has beome my primary job, along with catered "Naked Sushi Events". I promise to you that I will bring excitement to you and your loved ones. I hope you enjoy my web site and appreciate any comments all you men and women for site improvements or just to say "Konnichiwa, Hello or Aloha!"

Tell Me More About Custom Videos and Limitations: Custom videos are available as solo shoots with Akira Lane or one of the many of the models appearing on our pages along with videos featuring multiple performers.  They are produced to your specifications and all contents types will be considered including glamour, masturbation, POV, girl/girl, boy/girl, wrestling/catfights, leg and foot fetishes, domination and submission (BDSM), bondage, humiliation, cuckhold fantasies, body worship, nylon fetish, wet and messy, role play, tease and denial, instructional and many more. So essentially, there are no limitations other than performers limits and obiously anything illegal involving minors and or/beasts. Videos are shot with professional quality equipment with professional lighting. Please note that custom videos are private use only and akiralane.com will retain copyright to that effect. We suggest you email Akira with your script ideas for approval and pricing.

How Can I Meet Akira?: Akira maintains an appearance schedule of her website.

Are Private Meeting with Akira Possible?: From time to time, Akira does meet folks for dinner or drinks or a spa day. Please feel free to inquire.

What Sites Do You Have?:: Akira operates the following sites:

AkiraLane.com: Her first site which specializes in glamour and erotic work up to and including hardcore boy girl content. Site includes both photo and video content.

PantyhoseLane.com: Her site specializing in leg and nylon fetishes and it features photo and video content from over 225 different models.

AkiraLaneBound.com: This site features Akira in bondage and or other fetish situations in both photo and video content.

SillyGirlsVideo.com: This site covers all of Akira's material, both current and archived, available on a pay per view basis, that is no memberships. The sites also includes content from other models and sources.

AsianAkira.com: This site is a quick sampler site that allow you to stick your toe in the water at a very modest price.