• No Safe Haven

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    To Whom Shall the Photo be Autographed to? Any Particular Message?

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    Akira Lane is caught up in four classic damsel-in distress scenarios and concludes with some sex swing bondage for the sheer joy of it.  In the first four scenes, Akira finds that home is no safe haven as Ken Mal catches her in middle of a burglery attempt.  Then safely at home, Akira is dreaming about bondage and wakes to find evidence that her dreams became real.  In the third scene, Akira and centerfold Randy Moore are bound and blindfolded in bed.  Then Alec Knight busts into her bedroom and ties Akira spread eagle on the bed for some fonding.  Finally, Akira and Lew Rubens have some fun with some sexy swing bondage.  

    1 hour, 51 minutes in length plus five bonus slide shows.